Upon joining Joint Strike Wing, you will join 4Sqn OCU (Operational Conversion Unit). Both recruits for 801NAS and 11Sqn will start on 4Sqn to learn the basics before advancing on to their respected sqns.

Firstly, you will begin the OCU on the Hawk (T-45 mod). By flying the Hawk, you will be introduced to JSW's SOP. Our procedures are watered down RAF & Navy standards for DCS use. Your instructors will explain everything from the ground up, so there will be no need to worry about prior knowledge.

There are 2 stages to the OCU:

  • Basics: general handling (if needed), circuits, tactical turns

  • ACM (Advanced Combat Manouvers)

Why do we use the T45? Why not start on our airframe of choice?

In a simple yet effective aircraft, the slower pace allows you more time to think, accompanied by basic instruments that force you to learn the principles first, without the help of advanced jet tech.

What we look for in training

We do not chop students if they struggle throughout the OCU, if you need extra training then we will be happy to help. Though the instructors will equip you with the knowledge needed, JSW will be looking for the return effort from our newest potential members. Lots of time is invested by our instructors in training new pilots, regardless of skill. It is painful to see when their trainees do not honour it.

Don't worry if you feel behind at stages, and put your best foot forward.
The instructors are there to help.