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Joint Strike Wing(V)


The Joint Strike Wing (V) (Formerly UKNavalops) is a UK based combat flight sim group for DCS World. The group was initially set up in 2018 as a dedicated Harrier group due to the lack of UK based Harrier squadrons in DCS at the time. Set up by three friends it soon grew to the group we have today.

We try to make our missions and training as close to real life as we can under the constraints of DCS World. Our members include former RAF pilots, Real life airline pilots and instructors, some former Royal Navy personnel as well as just pure DCS enthusiasts.

All the time striving for realism within our missions we don't take ourselves too seriously out of the sim.

We don't have a prolonged training period, new members will be invited to attend an induction flight then will begin training with his or hers preferred squadron.


Squadron Leader "Razor"

Squadron Leader "Dangerman"


801(V) NAS

  • Close Air Support

  • Ground Attack

  • Harrier


  • Multi Role Combat

  • Air Superiority

  • F 16 Viper

656(V) Sqn AAC

  • Multi Role Combat

  • Attack

  • Gazelle/ Apache

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